Leading the way in wide format print finishing equipment
— Omar Benmez, Managing Director @ Mounter's Mate


Mounter's Mate offer a proven range of reliable graphic finishing equipment. While established in the UK for four years, the machines have been sold in foreign markets since 1994.

These professional quality machines will dramatically enhance the quality and speed of your graphics and digital print production facility.

The product range consists of:

Mounter's Mate Workstation

  • The Workstation glass topped applicator has LED illumination and a bed size of 3320mm x 1550mm. This applicator will improve your sub-stroke application times by up to 80%. Jobs that would have taken an hour will now take 10 minutes, making the workstation a very powerful tool for your workshop.

Mounter's Mate 1600hs Laminator

  • These machines are manufactured to the highest standard and can be operated by a single person. The pneumatic air system aids equal pressure throughout the whole length of the roller. Fixed feed and motorised take up reel make this a complete roll to roll laminator. If for any reason the machine senses an obstruction the motors are stopped immediately, making this one of the safest laminators on the market today.