The mission of the Eastman Machine Company is to improve our customers cutting room efficiencies by providing durable well-crafted cutting solutions, personalised support, and expertise.
— Robert Stevenson, President & CEO

Eastman’s series of automated, computerised cutting systems cut with accuracy and repeatability and have been engineered for single, low, and high-ply cutting requirements. Precision cutting tools offer the utmost flexibility for hundreds of material applications and are proven solutions for even the most difficult to cut materials.

The systems are available in a range of lengths and widths to meet the demands for prototypes, one-offs, and full production runs. A variety of optional accessory equipment offers maximum adaptability for your system, providing additional tools to streamline associated processes in your operations.

Specialised Solutions for:

■ Marking and labeling pattern pieces
■ Lofted materials
■ Thick or rigid materials
■ Sealed edges
■ Angled cuts
■ Flaw detection – leather
■ Custom widths and lengths


The Eastman line of straight knife machines have set the industry standard for quality, performance, and engineering for over 120 years. The Eastman 629X and 627X cloth cutting machines are designed to provide optimal performance whether cutting intricate jobs with small radius cuts or patterns that have long clean cuts. The Eastman line of straight knife cloth cutting machines cut denim or silk, cottons or knits, sailcloth or synthetics, fiberglass and technical textiles easily and without effort.

Eastman straight knife cutting machines are available in a wide variety of strokes, heights, and electrical configurations to make your cloth cutting department efficient and productive.

Synonymous with Eastman’s 125 year history of providing premium quality cutting machines. Eastman cutting solutions and accessory equipment have been engineered using superior components designed for rigorous daily use maintaining the level of craftsmanship provided at the time of your original equipment investment. Eastman offers a readily available list of high quality blades, parts, and accessories machined with specific tolerances to guarantee reliable performance levels.

Parts and other accessories are NOT available to purchase online.


Eastman offers a wide range of feeding, spreading and material roll handling equipment in addition to our line of automated and manual cutting machines making Eastman your best choice for a single solution provider for the cutting room!

■ Feeding Systems – An efficient way of introducing rolled fabrics to the cutting table in a relaxed or tensionless state with precise edge control
■ Spreading Systems – Automatic or manually operated machines for material preparationfor when spreads are short, production is limited, or for complete front end preparation,  solutions with accurate edge control for face-up and face-to-face spreading modes.
■ Carousels and Roll Racks – Available in manual or motorised configurations in various roll quantity configurations these can be used for storage or as a means for supply to cutting tables or systems.